Unlocking Potential

Your people are your most important asset. But how do you empower them to succeed through the major changes in their careers?

Your first step should be to partner with IMPACT Group. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped organizations unlock their potential using one-on-one relocation, talent development, and outplacement services that are flexible enough to embrace employee and business needs. We partner with organizations of all sizes — large and small, national and global — giving people the knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed in any of life’s career transitions.

No matter what challenges your organization faces, IMPACT Group has the expertise and solutions to prepare your people to see and embrace the clear path forward. We offer:

Specialized career transition solutions — all under one roof
Simplify your solution for relocating, developing, and outplacing talent. Let’s develop a strategic partnership where we are your trusted, experienced provider for all three areas.

  • Global service with local focus
    Local coaches provide expertise to empower your employees to move forward in their transition. Local support is available throughout the U.S. and in over 30 countries. See the full list here

  • Relocation support
    One move and one family at a time, our one-on-one coaching and cutting-edge technology offer personalized support to ease anxiety for employees and their loved ones. Our proactive relationship with employees and their families lets them easily adjust and quickly settle to become more engaged and productive in their new roles.

  • Talent development
    Prepare your people and your organization for the future with our comprehensive leadership, career, and competency development solutions. You’ll maximize your investment in talent — a win-win for your employees and your organization.

  • Outplacement assistance
    Keep your commitment to your employees and empower them to take the next step in their careers. Our dedicated career coaches and corresponding technology help employees quickly see the path to their next opportunity, seize it, and move on.

  • Flexible and innovative solutions
    We aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor our solutions to your business. We innovate to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

  • Expertise and technology at the core
    We diligently look for ways to harness innovation and technology with our industry expertise. Our IMPAXIS® Career Center Portal complements our one-to-one career coaching partnership.

  • Diversify your partners
    Gain diversity in your supply chain with one of the largest and most experienced women-owned HR service providers. We’re WBENC-certified, so you can enhance your supply chain with confidence.

Ready to empower your organization to unlock its potential? Contact us today to find out how.