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IMPACT Group is a coaching company – and we’re ready to help you move your career forward.

Every year, we help thousands of people take the right next steps. With more than 200 coaches across the globe, we certainly have the perfect person to help you advance your career or feel at home in a new city. By partnering one-on-one with your coach, you will have the knowledge and support you need to land the perfect job, explore what’s next in your career or elevate your leadership skills.


What to expect

Everything You Need to Start Your Life in a New City

If you’re relocating, your coach will help you and your family feel at home faster. From finding the right school districts to securing career opportunities for your spouse or partner, we will navigate through the challenges of relocating together.

Advice and Hands-on Guidance for Your Career

After a layoff, we focus on you and your next steps. Together, you and your dedicated coach will work through every step of your job search, from preparing your résumé all the way through negotiating a great salary.

Personal Coaching to Elevate Your Leadership Skills

Developing great leadership skills is important at every level, in every position. We’ll work together with you, and often some of your coworkers and management staff, to deliver the tools and training you need to be more effective in your company and in the world. 



Jo Crawford.
A Career/Transition Coach in North America.
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"My coach changed my mindset to not focus on what I hadn’t done in the past, but what I had accomplished. This transformed my job search."
– Sheena

“The support I received during my leadership development program was bar none.”
– Leadership Development Participant

"The best gift I received after being let go from my job was the help, support, and confidence provided by my career coach.”
– Terri

"Without my coach, I would have been significantly more stressed during my relocation.”
– Masuma

"IMPACT Group was extremely helpful, resourceful, caring, and motivating while my family relocated to Australia."
– Nicola

"My coach motivated me by giving great tips and direction, conducting mock interviews, and developing my communication skills."
– Beena

"I can’t thank my coach enough for helping me redefine myself to launch a new career."
– Christina

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