We coach employees and families through changes.

“It would have been impossible for me to find a new job without my coach!”

“A job should be something you enjoy doing and feel passionate about. Creating a focused action plan with my coach helped me find that.”
– Kyle

“My coach did an outstanding job of preparing and educating me on the process to note get ‘a’ job – but ‘the’ job.”
– Chris

“My coach was an invaluable resource who greatly assisted me in getting my new job.”
– Bryan

“My coach took the time to hear me talk about the issues regarding our family’s new life. She really contributed to our whole family’s wellness and adjustment.”
– Marion

“Together, my coach and I developed an action plan that was challenging but realistic during my relocation.”
– Fernando

“My coach has been an extremely helpful, supportive, and terrific counselor during my relocation.”
– Jan


Sue Ellison. A Career/Transition Coach in North America. Get to know more of our team.


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