Women in Leadership

How will you advance women leaders and close the gender gap?

Use this guide to assess the state of women leaders and gender diversity at your company.


Today’s workforce demands a new normal. Now’s a great time to ask, “What’s the gender balance of our leaders?”

Advancing more high-potential women is a strategic investment for your business – delivering higher ROI, ROS, and ROIC. Understanding your current state is your first step to increasing the amount of women in leadership. Our workbook provides a starting point for you to determine which areas in your organization need attention.

How ready are you to address gender imbalance and empower women leaders? Download our workbook to review your:

» Overall Workforce
» Career Development Programs
» Hiring Practices
» Development Needs

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As a second-generation, woman-owned business, we’re passionate about advancing women leaders.

IMPACT Group offers leadership development programs for employees at all levels in their careers. We leverage our expertise to transform the workplace, delivering Women in Leadership, Executive Coaching, and High IMPACT Coaching programs at organizations around the globe.

Our Women in Leadership™ coaching program applies our three-part career accelerator model to coach women to recognize and enhance their personal effectiveness, business acumen, and corporate visibility. One-on-one coaching and a tailored development plan empower women to reach their full potential and influence. In fact, program participants report: 

  • 95% solidify their reputation & personal brand
  • 95% expand their network
  • 78% increase their ability to raise ideas

Through cohort coaching circles, women are able to encourage and challenge one another as they share best practices, tips, and tools. The women’s managers and company senior leaders can also play a key role in investing in and developing current and future leaders. Program can be delivered virtually to your team of women across the U.S. and the globe. Learn more here!