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Bee Sykes

Bee Sykes


Global Career/Transition Coach

Bee Sykes is an ICF Associate Certified Coach with significant career and life coaching experience. Working closely with expatriate/repatriate individuals, couples, and families, she is passionate about helping others overcome challenges presented by relocation. Her clients have come from six continents, each with a unique calling as they start a new chapter in their lives. Bee’s greatest strength is her ability to help her clients identify their true potential and move forward to set and achieve goals with fresh perspectives.

After relocating to Dublin in 2011, Bee volunteered to lead an independent community of families joining Google. The community rapidly grew, offering support to any family relocating to Dublin. In 2016, Bee took the first step to become a professional coach. Prior to Dublin, she was an Office Manager for a Property Investment and Asset Management company in London. Prior to London, Bee was a professional competition groom, supporting event and show jumping riders on the English, Irish, and Brazilian Olympic teams and German Junior Dressage team. Bee has lived in the UK, Germany, and America. She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband and three daughters.

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