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George Dutch

George Dutch

North America

Global Career/Transition Coach

George Dutch is a career coach with nearly 25 years of experience counselling 4,500+ individuals, including hundreds of PhD and MBA students, to make sound professional choices and secure meaningful careers. He has provided outplacement services to hundreds of individuals across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, power generation, financial, software, food manufacturing, housing, government, and military.

Through a broad range of personal career experience in both white and blue collar roles, George provides practical and realistic advice to professionals as they navigate stressful career transitions. He specializes in career change and job search techniques. He has authored three books on those topics, and his résumé and interview advice has been published in numerous career books.

George is certified by the Career Management Alliance/Career Master’s Institute, the Institute of Career Certification, the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, and the IDAK Group. His post-graduate studies focused on the intersection between careers and culture. George frequently appears on radio and television shows and he speaks regularly at career conferences.

Outside of his work as a career coach, George plays basketball weekly, watches crime dramas faithfully, and surrenders to the demands of his teenage daughter frequently. He also performs with the 9th Hour Theatre Company and advocates for social movements.

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