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Imisa Sanchez

Imisa Sanchez

North America

Career/Transition Coach

With 20+ years of combined experience in human resources, recruiting, and career coaching, Imisa Sanchez supports professionals at various levels through career changes. A natural connector, Imisa takes a big picture view when working with individuals, ensuring they stay true to their values and goals. She is passionate about coaching others to better understand and use their strengths, skills, and gifts to maximize career success and satisfaction.

As someone who has personally experienced and managed the effects of a job layoff, corporate restructurings, and multiple relocations, Imisa can empathize with all the ups and downs. Using her experience, Imisa helps others navigate their own transitions. She believes that resilience comes from applying a positive mindset and by taking action, and she is dedicated to creating customized plans to navigate the job market without adding unnecessary stress.

Imisa’s background includes over 17 years in both corporate HR and recruiting roles as well as recruiting for staffing firms. She has leveraged this experience to move into career coaching, combining her deep understanding of the needs of both job seekers and hiring managers.

Imisa has a bachelor’s degree in English from Hofstra University. Although born and raised in New York, Imisa has called Colorado home for the past 18 years. She volunteers for various organizations, including facilitating workshops and providing career services for local job search and networking groups.

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