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Jenny Butter

Jenny Butter


Career/Transition Coach

Jenny Butter brings more than eight years of experience in career and life coaching to her role at IMPACT Group, with a focus on serving job seekers and relocating families in the UK. Drawing on her own personal experience living overseas—and witnessing stress and disillusionment among the expatriate community—Jenny uses her coaching expertise as preventative tool to help prepare for and conquer the many challenges of international relocation. Her passion is enabling individuals to effectively acclimate to and thrive in their new locations, and she loves energizing others to find fulfillment, both at home and at work.

Having supported individuals across six continents, Jenny has extensive experience guiding diverse populations through the struggles of career and personal transition. She has provided coaching to people from all walks of life: business owners and charity workers, vicars and parents, senior leaders and volunteers, youth and retirees.

Before becoming a coach, Jenny worked as a BBC radio producer and reporter and as a PR professional with the international aid and development agency, World Vision.

Jenny is an Accredited Senior Coach through the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM). She has lived in the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and New York and currently resides in West Sussex in the UK with her husband and two children.

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