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Jessica Rojas-Buda

Jessica Rojas-Buda


Global Career/Transition Coach

Jessica Rojas is a Career Coach and Trainer specializing in talent development and career transition. She bases her coaching style on her highest values: freedom, engagement, quality, and support. Every day, she utilizes excellent listening skills, open-mindedness, flexibility, and a solution-oriented vision to lead her clients to success.

Based in Paris, Jessica inspires, empowers, and motivates others to find their purpose and awaken their true potential. She assists individuals in defining their careers as well as companies in maximizing their teams.

Her credentials include an Economist Degree from UCAB Caracas-Venezuela, an MS in International Marketing from Rennes School of Business, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Paris School of Business. She is certified as a Change Facilitator with NLP, an International Coach with NLP, and a Dolquest° Expert. Jessica is qualified to administer and interpret a wide range of additional coaching and career-related assessment instruments.

Jessica has lived in Venezuela, France, and Germany, and she has successfully transitioned her career twice. Her additional expertise includes neuro-linguistic programming techniques and multicultural team building and empowerment.

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