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Liz Benfanti

Liz Benfanti

North America

Career/Transition Coach

Liz Benfanti is passionate about working with emerging leaders and clients whose careers are in transition. She focuses on helping them achieve greater clarity and purpose about their future possibilities. Liz brings 20+ years of experience in training and development at Fortune 500 corporations, where she designed, developed, and customized high-energy leadership and communications skills trainings that lead to personal transformation and increased personal performance. She frequently collaborates with senior leaders and subject matter experts to build and evaluate curriculum for facilitation that defines learning objectives followed by intensive one-on-one coaching in the financial, pharmaceutical, and publishing fields.

Above all, Liz is passionate about helping her clients redefine their careers or find a career they love. She does this by guiding others in uncovering their core values and ensuring these values align with a career. Prior to joining IMPACT Group, Liz coached clients who were in the midst of a mid-career crisis, were exploring new careers, or were professionally reinventing themselves. Her specialties and areas of interest include:

  • Career exploration/transitions
  • Interviewing, communication, and assertiveness skills training
  • How to establish credibility
  • Emotional intelligence leadership
  • Collaborative relationship building
  • Conflict resolution

Liz holds multiple certifications, including as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC- ICF), Master Practitioner – Energy Leadership Index (MP-ELI), and Certified Professional Coach (CPC-iPEC). She is also pursuing a DISC certification.

Born and raised in the Garden State, Liz spent her childhood summers in Colombia, learning to speak fluent Spanish. She has travelled extensively and has lived in Europe and Latin America. Liz currently resides in Bergen County, NJ with her family and three dogs. When she is not traveling or reading a good book, she devotes time to environmental and social causes. She is a current member of the Borough of Ramsey, NJ’s Environmental Commission.

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