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Margot Nick

Margot Nick

South America

Global Career/Transition Coach

Margot Nick joined IMPACT Group as an International Career and Relocation Consultant in Brazil in 2014. She is passionate about helping people manage their careers and their personal lives, and she does this by assisting them with identifying personal and career goals during international relocations.

She has dual citizenship in Brazil and German. Margot lived, studied, and worked in the U.K. for two and a half years when she had the opportunity to live in a different culture and move to South America.

In 2012, Margot started her own business working as a coach and counselor. She holds a degree as a Psychologist. For more than 25 years, she worked within international companies and consulting firms providing human resources, recruiting, and training and development assistance. She has overseen several projects in South and North America, as well as Europe.

Margot is a licensed coach and ICI member of the International Coach Federation.

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