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Mariam Tarantella

Mariam Tarantella

North America

Career/Transition Coach

Mariam Tarantella joined IMPACT Group in 2015 as a Career and Transition Coach, bringing her 15 years of experience as a career coach and mental health counselor. She possesses expertise in working with military families, transitioning individuals, and persons with special needs.

Mariam earned a Master of Education in Counseling from George Mason University and holds a Bachelor of Psychology from Penn State University. She is also a licensed professional counselor and certified to administer the MBTI.

Through her professional experience, Mariam has familiarity with various geographic areas, industries, and job categories. She has in-depth knowledge of several vocational assessments, including MBTI and SII. Mariam has conducted workshops on career and job search topics, taught career development courses, and facilitated department and corporate trainings on the MBTI. She is passionate about connecting with clients and empowering them to take the lead in designing, cultivating, and securing their own career paths.

Mariam most recently worked with the Career Development Center at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), assisting undergraduate and graduate students in determining and fulfilling their career goals. She served as the Career Development Center’s Veterans Representative, directly working with SIUE Veterans to assist them in transitioning from military service to civilian careers.  She also served as the Federal Workforce Recruitment Program Campus Coordinator, the primary career services contact for SIUE Disability Support Services Online Learning Community, where she answered career questions and provided career assistance for students with disabilities.

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