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Alyusuf Muna

Alyusuf Muna


Global Career/Transition Coach

Muna Alyusuf is a Career and Transition Coach based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. She assists individuals as they undergo professional and personal changes during global relocations. Muna has coached senior managers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on improving their intercultural communications skills and competencies for working globally.

Muna is a certified Organisational Relationship System and Qualified Co-Active Coach working with families, teams, organisations, and individuals. She also serves as an international candidate and employee assessment practitioner. Muna delivers a wide range of products and programmes, including adult and youth cross-cultural training, adult and youth repatriation training, business briefings and global awareness programmes, and international candidate assessment programmes. 

Beginning her career in the oil industry, Muna worked with senior executives as a health, education, and intercultural training consultant before commencing her career as a relationship coach and career coach. She holds a master’s degree in Sociology and a Master of Business Administration. Muna is a Certified Organisational Relationship System Coach and an MBTI Certified Practitioner.

Prior to her work at IMPACT Group, Muna was employed by CARTUS as a Europe, Middle East, and Africa Intercultural Training Manager and Consultant. She worked closely with companies, such as Vodafone, Credit Suisse, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, UBS, MasterCard, Conoco Philips, and British Petroleum, to provide training on international candidate assessments, career and repatriation strategies, and intercultural coaching.

She is a member of the Society of Intercultural Education, the Training and Research SIETAR – UK, and the Council for Arab-British Understanding – UK. Her language skills include fluency in Arabic and English.

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