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Regina Dunay

Regina Dunay

North America

Career/Transition Coach

Regina Dunay brings a wealth of personal experience to help clients with their job search, having been through corporate restructures and resulting job loss herself—not once but five times! She understands what clients may be experiencing and provides support and encouragement to enable them to move forward with their search.

Through a customized assessment, Regina coaches clients in developing a career goal by determining their unique set of abilities and important considerations for future job satisfaction. When this self-analysis leads to a change in career direction, she guides clients in accessing tools and cultivating the skills to support their new career path.

With a background as a hiring manager in operations (manufacturing and distribution management) as well as sales, marketing, and finance, Regina applies her 15+ years of corporate experience to her role as senior career consultant and job search coach. She has coached clients at all levels from a wide variety of industries, including financial services, hospitality, telecom, medical, engineering, IT, software development and DOD systems, and technology contractors.

In addition to providing individualized coaching, Regina has extensive experience conducting group career management workshops and has taught professional development programs for Valencia Community College’s Center for High-Tech Training for Individuals with Disabilities.

Regina received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and continued with graduate studies at the University of Hartford. She is a Board Certified Coach in Career Development and resides in Orlando, FL.

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