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Sukesh Kumar Sapna

Sukesh Kumar Sapna

North America

Regional Team Lead, Asia / Global Career and Transition Coach

Sapna Sukesh Kumar has played an instrumental role in building IMPACT Group’s Asia Pacific presence and diverse client base since joining the company in 2005. She possesses 10+ years of experience coaching employees and their families through change during international relocations. She also leads entrepreneurship training for individuals who want to establish a business within the U.S. 

Born in India, Sapna later relocated to Singapore then the U.S. These experiences led her to become a certified career coach to help others successfully manage the relocation process. She consults in both English and Hindi. She excels at working with professionals across a variety of nationalities, including Asian, American, British, European, and Australian.

Her dual role at IMPACT Group includes serving as a Regional Team Lead for APAC and a Global Career and Transition Coach. As a Regional Team Lead, she mentors coaches to deliver consistent and excellent quality services throughout her region. As a Career Coach, she helps expatriate spouses secure meaningful personal and professional roles that complement their lifestyles. She is passionate about what she does and has made significant contributions to the lives of the families with whom she has worked. 

Sapna’s clients recognize her as an organized, proactive, and humorous coach who is committed to helping others achieve their goals. Her specialties include career planning, goal setting, and job search strategies. She resolves personal, cultural, and integration challenges by helping individuals address their emotional changes during the move, establish achievable goals, and determine what is needed to live a satisfying life. 

Prior to her work at IMPACT Group, Sapna worked in diverse corporate roles, including Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources/Administration, for various large organizations. She is an excellent leader who promotes team spirit at all levels and encourages the development of company objectives. 

Sapna holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with certification in Career Coaching from CCI – USA (affiliated to the ICF). She has also been internally certified on the entire job search process through IMPACT Group. Her former certifications include Train the Trainer – AMA India, Selling Skills – BCCI India, Time Management – AMA India, and Self Development – Landmark Forum India.

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