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Shelby McGuire-Canlas

Shelby McGuire-Canlas

North America

Senior Career/Transition Coach

Shelby McGuire Canlas has served as a Career and Relocation Coach with IMPACT Group for more than 10 years. During this time, she has successfully coached a variety of job seekers, ranging from artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to scientists, nurses, and executives. Her commitment to helping professionals identify their strengths and the unique value they bring to a company has helped hundreds of people make meaningful career transitions.

As a highly organized, kind, and committed coach, Shelby tailors her services to meet each individual’s needs during his/her career and life transitions. She utilizes a motivating coaching style to encourage job seekers to be diligent, persistent, and positive during their search. Shelby possesses a deep passion for understanding and connecting with her customers, which enables her to play a key role in their successful transition.

Before joining IMPACT Group, Shelby worked in Recruitment and Human Resources for a global market research firm matching top talent to the right role. It was here that she started to understand the toll a job search can take on a person’s self-esteem. She made it her priority to ensure each person left his/her interview feeling more confident than when he/she came in. She did this by pointing out one thing on their résumé that distinguished them from their competition, which in turn created a more comfortable and open interview setting. Shelby now uses this interview style to help professionals tell their unique story through emphasizing strengths, skills, and experiences. 

Shelby is a Board Certified Coach and possesses a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She has lived in Washington, Nevada, Connecticut, and California. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two sons.

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