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Sylvia Nicolas

Sylvia Nicolas


Global Career/Transition Coach

Sylvia Nicolas is a Global Career and Transition Coach who joined IMPACT Group in 2021. She has a solid background in HR and International Recruitment within Media, Architecture, Consultancy, and the Charity sector. As a citizen of the world, Sylvia has been traveling across the globe from a young age: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Germany, Belgium, the U.S., Puerto Rico, Cuba, Finland, Russia, Portugal, Italy, and Morocco.

Not only a skilled coach, Sylvia has also relocated three times on her own. She understands the struggles and fears associated with career transitions, culture change, and language barriers. Sylvia believes that being resilient helped her during her transitions. She is passionate about people, and throughout her career, she has worked with people from all over the globe.

Sylvia has delivered career coaching across several professional levels, from students to Senior Management. She guides individuals through both job changes and career changes. Sylvia has well-rounded skills that include personal branding, CV/resume writing, LinkedIn profile creation, interview preparation, communication skills, offer negotiations, and networking. Her international HR and recruitment background; her ability to coach in English, French, and Spanish; as well as her experience living and working in different countries has helped Sylvia become more versatile. She possesses a great understanding of other cultures and working habits. Her clients can relate, and when they approach Sylvia, they feel confident she can help them.

Along with her career coaching experience, Sylvia obtained her degree in Human Resources Management from London Metropolitan University and her coaching certification through Bailey Balfour Leadership and ICF Accredited. Sylvia’s goal is to inspire others to reach their full potential, so they recognise their worth. A quote she always keeps in mind is:

“Where I live today might not be my final destination, but a great place where I can explore, learn about myself and others, and grow. Then, when the time comes, I will continue my next journey.”

Apart from coaching, Sylvia has two young girls who speak four languages. She enjoys dancing Cuban salsa, hiking, running, walking, and being in nature.

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