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Tracy Kautzmann

Tracy Kautzmann


Director of Global Client Relations & Senior Career Coach

Prior to joining IMPACT Group in 2005, Tracy Kautzmann served as a trainer, independent coach, and change consultant. She helped individuals and corporate leaders become aware of their personal and professional goals by creating a vision of their aspirations before initiating the change cycle.

Tracy enjoys cultivating and managing client relations across the globe. Having lived in eight countries and relocated a total of 17 times, Tracy considers herself a global nomad. This makes her role with IMPACT Group a perfect fit.

Tracy obtained a master’s degree in Social Science due to her desire to help professionals be mindful of their career aspirations and aware of setting long-term goals. This background serves her well as she helps customers unlock their potential during major life changes.

Her strengths include self-assessment/self-leadership, management engagement, stress/change management, and career coaching. Tracy holds dual citizenship in America and France. She has lived and worked in France, Switzerland, Germany, the US, Croatia, Mauritania West Africa, Austria, and Canada. She is fluent in French and English, with additional language skills in German, Croatian, and Spanish. Tracy currently resides in France with her family.

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