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Vittoria Zipoli Caiani

Vittoria Zipoli Caiani


Global Career/Transition Coach

With a strong background in leadership, Vittoria Zipoli Caiani is an experienced career coach who focuses on personal development, inner alignment, neuroscience, mindfulness, and cultural awareness and change. She is always on a quest to determine what makes individuals strive and what is the unique internal motivation that drives them to reach their maximum potential and express their talents. The combination of logical efficacy and empathic connection makes Vittoria a powerful partner to achieve ambitious objectives of satisfaction, realization, and happiness.

Her mission is to empower people to be catalysts for the change they want to see for themselves and their private as well as professional world. She has worked with professionals from various industries, including banking, nutrition, travel, finance, business school, media, startups, and Fortune 500 MNC.

Originally from Italy and currently based in Manila, Philippines, Vittoria has lived in six different countries. She has developed mastery in cultural deep dives and always looks for different ways to make a positive societal contribution as well as a fulfilling personal and professional adaptation.

With a degree cum laude in Logic and Philosophy and 30 years of experience of working in Europe and Asia, Vittoria can naturally relate to the complexity of the expat life and support her clients in the transition phase. Since 2017, Vittoria has partnered with The Coaches Training Institute as a faculty leader for premium training of co-active coaches around the world. She holds 500+ hours PCC certification with the International Coaching Federation and a CPCC certification with the Coaches Training Institute.

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