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Xiaofan Null

Xiaofan Null

North America

Senior Career/Transition Coach

Xiaofan Null is a Career and Cross-Cultural Coach with a multifaceted background consulting in diverse business environments. Her passion for making a difference in other people’s lives led her to become a Career Coach. She utilizes a strategic approach to help individuals see the big picture view when identifying their career goals. Using her clients’ strengths, she develops action plans to capitalize on their skills and create targeted job search strategies.

Xiaofan provides guidance on career planning and professional development for job seekers at all levels. She also coordinates research on a vast range of resources to prepare individuals and families for their relocation to a new city. She truly enjoys empowering individuals who are in transition to achieve their dreams and goals.

With a strong background in client services, Xiaofan has found success in delivering individual career coaching sessions for diverse clients. She possesses fluency in both English and Chinese Mandarin.

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