Your global coaching partner for every change.

At IMPACT Group, we’re known for successfully leading individuals and organizations through every career transition.

We work with global companies around the world to support employees through our relocation, outplacement and leadership development programs. Move your talent and your business forward with proven coaching solutions.


What to Expect

One-on-One Coaching that Empowers Employees

From moving entire departments to accelerating careers for women, we’re a trusted partner in achieving your talent goals. Together, we will unlock each individual’s career potential through a tailored plan and one-on-one career coaching.

Coaching Complemented by Technology

In addition to personalized coaching, your employees will have access to our newly enhanced career center and job search portal that simplifies career transitions and development. It gives individuals easy access to innovative tools, assessments and important career development information when and where they need it.


Relocation Support Outplacement Assistance Leadership Development

"We’ve received 13-years of great service from IMPACT Group!"

— Corporate Client, Banking Industry

"IMPACT Group’s coaches always provide valuable assistance to our separated employees."

— Corporate Client, Finance Industry

"IMPACT Group is professional, timely, and amazing to work with. They treat our people as if they were their own."

— Corporate Client, Healthcare Industry

"IMPACT Group makes me feel like I am a valued customer."

— Corporate Client, Insurance Industry

"We consistently receive positive feedback from separated employees who benefit from IMPACT Group’s support."

— Corporate Client, Industrial Equipment Supplier

"IMPACT Group is flexible to best accommodate our needs."

— Corporate Client, Railroad Company

"We highly value IMPACT Group’s great service, high integrity, and compassionate coaches. "

— Corporate Client, Pharmaceutical Company

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