Your global coaching partner for every change.

At IMPACT Group, we’re known for successfully leading talent and organizations through every career transition.

We work with global companies around the world to support employees through our relocation, outplacement and leadership development programs. Move your talent and your business forward with proven coaching solutions.


What to Expect

One-on-One Coaching that Empowers Employees

From moving entire departments to accelerating careers for women, we’re a trusted partner in achieving your talent goals. Together, we will unlock each individual’s career potential through a tailored plan and one-on-one career coaching.

Coaching Complemented by Technology

In addition to personalized coaching, your employees will have access to our innovative career center and job search portal that simplifies career transitions and development. It gives individuals easy access to tools, assessments and important career development information when and where they need it.


Relocation Assistance Outplacement Services Leadership Development

"The leadership development programs have led to process improvements, growth, and efficiencies for Veolia overall. We know the programs work. The participants love them. Our leaders love them."

— Augie Schulke, CHRO at Veolia

"IMPACT Group implemented a terrific leadership development program for our managers. The process will be instrumental in improving employee engagement throughout our organization"

— Larry Siebs, CEO of Shared Imaging

"We’ve used other outplacement firms, many of them offer services by way of rhetoric. Unlike the others, IMPACT Group delivers a strong experience and high value, demonstrating that Grainger values all employees – including those who are leaving."

— Hank Galatz, Associate General Counsel, Employment and Labor Law at Grainger

"We wouldn't be successful at developing our talent without this program."

— Steve Feira, VPHR at M.J. Electric


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