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You’re surrounded by potential. You have people in your organization who are anxious to do more – be more – than they currently are. To close the gap between solid performer and thriving achiever, they need to be supported. Challenged. Coached. The Emerging Leaders program moves your high-potential talent in the right direction.

Program Overview

Build Your Succession Pipeline

Attention is powerful. When you invest in people and attend to their personal development, they flourish beyond what they could’ve imagined for themselves. And when your employees are functioning as their best selves, your business will be unstoppable.

By engaging in High IMPACT Coaching, your key talent, including mid-level managers, supervisors and high-potential employees, will be well prepared to guide your organization into the future—in their current positions or in their next roles. With their manager’s guidance, each participant chooses one or two competencies on which to focus, and then drills down on those key areas through one-on-one coaching, cohort-based group activities and related capstone project.

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Learn how your company can retain, leverage and empower current and emerging talent with a new approach to leadership development.


How the Emerging Leaders Program Works

  • Individualized one-on-one coaching
  • One-on-one coaching for participants’ managers
  • Self-assessment
  • Detailed individual development plan based on your leadership competencies
  • Cohort learning sessions
  • Hands-on, capstone learning project
  • Senior leadership support opportunities
  • Management involvement to reinforce gains made during the formal coaching process

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Build Talent Across Your Organization

By investing in High IMPACT Coaching for your emerging talent and mid-level managers, your organization will benefit from:

  • Elevated individual competencies. Align high-potential employees’ skill sets with management and organizational goals.

  • Enhanced employee engagement. Empower employees so they are more productive and more willing to stay with your organization.

  • Accelerated business gains. Maximize the development experience using capstone learning projects, both within and across departments.

  • Valuable interactions at all levels. Create opportunities for high-level executives and employees to exchange knowledge and build rapport.

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