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10 Networking Tips for Singapore

10 Networking Tips for Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular places to do business globally. While you are most likely to encounter the Singaporean Chinese in your business dealings, you may also find Indian, Malay or Eurasian business counterparts. The city has a rich, multicultural society that makes it very important to learn proper business etiquette in order to be successful.

Below are a few tips from an “Cultural Tips for Doing Business in Singapore” article on Gayle Cotton, author of Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys To Successful Cross-Cultural Communication, offers the following tips for successful networking in Singapore:

  • Punctuality is highly important for business appointments. It is considered an insult to leave a Singaporean business executive waiting.
  • Publicly debating, correcting, or disagreeing with an older person or superior is ill advised. You will lose the respect of the older person and other people.
  • Personal questions, such as weight, income, marital status, and related subjects, are acceptable in Singapore.
  • Speak in low, calm tones of voice, and avoid raising your voice or becoming overly emotional and showing anger.
  • Compliment Singaporean on their accomplishments instead of their appearance.
  • Count to 10 before responding to a question. This shows you are carefully considering your answer.
  • Negotiations are conducted at a much slower pace than in the U.S. or many European countries.
  • Relationships are important in Singapore. The personal relationship you build is often considered more important than the company you represent. Develop a relationship with each person you conduct business with. 
  • Business women don’t typically have problems working in Singapore, however there are many cultures and religions that may have various standards of protocol.
  • There are many gestures that may be considered impolite or offensive with the different cultures in Singapore, so do some research before you relocate.

Click here to read the full article and gain more insights from Gayle Cotton on networking, culture, gestures, tips for women and interesting conversation points for Singapore.


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