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3 Reasons You Need to Provide Outplacement for Every Employee

3 Reasons You Need to Provide Outplacement for Every Employee

It’s a misnomer that outplacement services should be reserved for certain tenure/salary levels or position titles. Finding a job is hardly ever easy, no matter the profession. Everyone you let go deserves a fair chance at getting on their feet faster. Here are 3 reasons why you need to provide outplacement for employees at all career levels with one-on-one career transition coaching after losing their job.

1. Even tradesmen and tradeswomen need an online job search strategy.

Applications that were once completed in person are often found online now. Résumés are being asked of all career levels and company environments – not just degreed professionals and traditional office settings. Some companies may think line workers, production employees, and skilled professionals won’t benefit from a career coach. It’s time to think otherwise.

“Often times, it’s production employee populations who benefit the most from expert support and guidance,” shares Barrie Gilmour, Senior Director Global Sales at IMPACT Group. “It’s essential for all employees to familiarize themselves with online application systems and develop a polished résumé or CV for their search.” For some, it might be their first time creating a résumé. For others, it might be the first time they have searched for a job in 20+ years. They shouldn’t be overlooked when determining who you will provide with outplacement support.

2. Your company’s brand image is affected by everyone who is let go – not just the select few at the top of your org chart.

“Your brand is affected by what former employees say about you. The way you handle a reduction in force is an event they comment on to friends, family, and others in the community,” shares Jan Hunter, Director of Outplacement Services at IMPACT Group. This also includes Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

When a company has to make the hard choice to reduce their staff, providing tools and resources to help all separated employees move on says a lot about you as an employer. And it’s not just separated employees who notice. Your remaining staff will take comfort knowing their colleagues and friends will get back on their feet faster. Your stakeholders and clients will see that you truly care about doing the right thing.

3. Younger employees can’t know it all.

You might assume younger employees are tech-savvy enough to figure out their job search on their own. As Jan points out, “The world of work is always changing. It’s impossible to stay up-to-date on all tricks, tips, tools, and techniques that need to be integrated for a successful job search.”

Technology is one small piece of a job search. Data shows that other things, such as networking and personal branding, play a more important part in finding and securing an opportunity. Matching junior employees with a dedicated coach sets the stage for a dynamic, holistic approach that will help them land in half the time.

Don’t leave employees to fend for themselves during a difficult time in their career. Provide outplacement assistance in every department of your organization. Your company’s brand, your exiting employees, and your remaining staff will all benefit from this one decision.

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