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3 Ways to Jump Start the Home Selling Process


Relocation is a complex equation full of variables – and there is no bigger X-factor than the sale of your existing home. Whether you’ve lived in your house for three years or three decades, memories are stored within its walls. It’s completely normal to feel sad leaving your home and overwhelmed by the whole experience.

To ease the process, focus on these three areas to jump start your home selling experience.

1. Determine Your Priority

For the majority of home sellers, the biggest priorities are to get the home sold relatively quickly, and to get as much as possible for the sale price. These two goals don’t always go hand-in-hand. Setting priorities that match your relocation goals is key to determine what is truly important for you and your family.

  • Are you trying to sell your house quickly?
  • Are you willing to redecorate and stage your home?
  • Are you going to make repairs before selling?
  • Are you willing to live in separate cities if one spouse has to stay behind until the house sells?

Making these big decisions will alleviate stress. It’s best to find a realtor you trust early on in the process so you can determine the answers to these questions and a plan for fulfilling your goal. Make sure you are confident that your agent will help you get exactly what you want out of the deal.

2. Stay in Motion

Gain momentum early by taking care of little things right away. Start packing, decluttering, and preparing for your home to be sold as early as you can. If you are struggling with saying goodbye, depersonalizing the house early makes it easier to leave. Take down pictures, décor, and anything else that provokes memories. Packing things now will mean less work during the days leading up to your move. And it gives you a chance to assess what you have and what you want to keep.

3. Budget for the Unexpected

Even after a deal is made, the 30- to 45-day waiting period means you’ll be waiting at least a month before the funds change hands.

Finances are a complicated part of selling a home. Budget for your closing costs to save yourself from surprises. You should expect to pay between 5% and 10% of the price of your home, depending on where you live and what work your home needs. Realtor fees, loan payoffs, repairs, transfer taxes, and an array of other costs can add up quickly. Prepare for unexpected expenses early on in the process.

Control What You Can, Roll With What You Can’t

Selling your home is one of those experiences that require you to go with the flow. Many of the factors will truly be out of your control. What you can control is how you react, how you deal with the stress, and how you go about the process. By taking action in these three areas and finding the right realtor, you’ll see real progress quickly.

Download our interactive worksheet: What Will It Cost to Move? and my free eBook, This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation, to make your relocation stress-free!

Contribution by Lauren Herring.

Lauren is CEO of IMPACT Group and the author of This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation. She passionately leads the organization to empower employees and families during times of transition across the globe. Lauren is committed to living out our company’s mission “to make a positive impact, one relationship at a time.” She serves on the Board of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, COCA (the Center of Creative Arts), Junior Achievement and Connections to Success.


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