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495,800 Results for 6 Google Searches: Where Does a Family Begin?


In the age of instant, on-demand access to practically everything, the Internet rarely returns less than thousands of results for the items we search. The problem isn’t finding results – it’s narrowing that list to quality information and taking time to properly vet the resources.

IMPACT Group’s research team plays a vital role in helping families integrate into a new area. Our researchers understand it takes much more than a Google search to find the information and resources a family needs.

Here’s a real-time example!
Six common research requests for Jacksonville, FL

1. Pediatricians

2. Day cares

3. School districts

4. Dentists

5. Sushi restaurants

6. Apartments near the beach

Google that and guess what you get? 495,800 search results! That’s a steep mountain to climb and just the tip of the iceberg for families establishing a new life in a new area.

Seemingly basic searches can turn into a time-suck.

Diving into that many returns can lead to subpar websites and an endless rabbit hole of inadequate resources. IMPACT Group’s experience makes easy recognition of inadequate resources. We help families avoid wasting time going down the wrong path.

We do this for a living so we also know strange nuances that others won’t anticipate. For example, California requires child care facilities to hold a special license to care for children under 2 years old. Our researchers know a general Google search for day cares will yield lots of returns for facilities without that license. For example, there are 51 day cares in the San Mateo, CA area. Only 10 are licensed to provide infant care. On average, we’ll weed out another five because they don’t meet the family’s criteria. The remaining five will be called directly to gain information specific to the family’s request.

Even for basic searches like this, we’re able to get into the best websites, get trusted information, and get out without wasting too much time digging.

It’s not just about the search results – it’s the expertise we acquire from doing this as a full-time job.

Our research team Googles better. They’ve discovered tricks to quickly refine searches and overcome barriers. They even use a few backdoors to find the right links. (Sites like Google and Blue Cross Blue Shield often ask the researchers to prove they are not a bot because of their efficient searching capabilities.)

When it’s worth sitting on hold for 40 minutes to get quality information, we know it. Our team is passionate about digging in to find the best resources for each individual and family we serve. We inevitably become experts on different areas of the countries and in the cities we frequently move families to.

It also helps that we’re not emotionally invested in the request, so we are not quick to get frustrated. We might call 15 or 20 day cares to only find one option based on the family’s needs. That is an exhausting process for the parent, who feels the crunch of how critical it is to have the right care for their children. For us, we’re able to forge ahead and continue to search without feeling overwhelmed or upset.

Because this is something we do day in and day out, we maintain relationships with contacts who have provided great resources in the past. We move many families into certain areas of the globe, allowing us to become well connected and very familiar with what the family can find in the area.

Our job search skills are up-to-date – we look for new jobs each and every day.

Job seekers who haven’t looked for a job in 10, 15, or even 20 years often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Our researchers job hunt for a living. They know the right technology, networks, and social platforms to leverage for great job leads. They also have access to subscription databases with Big Data on top employers and industries – information that not just anyone can find searching Google.

In addition, complex job searches can lead to hours of digging if the individual doesn’t know where to look. Licensure research is hardly ever straight forward. We often have to cross-reference three different websites and make a few calls to get all the information that is needed. That takes valuable time – freeing up the individual to focus on their relocation.

Search smarter with a researcher by your side!

We’re passionate about helping families successfully integrate into their new area – and not letting them drown in 495,800 search results to make it feel like home. The IMPACT Group research team is here to save you time, bring you peace of mind, and make the relocation smoother for everyone in your family – allowing you and your family to create new memories.

Contribution by Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon is the Manager, Research at IMPACT Group, overseeing a team of specialized researchers to ensure individuals and families find the resources they need to build a new life in the new area during corporate relocations.


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