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5 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Active during the Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Active during the Holidays

The holiday season is a busy time for most people. This, combined with the fact that so many workers take time off, leads many job seekers to suspend their search and networking efforts during this time. However, there are many advantages to continuing your holiday job search. 

First, it is likely many other job seekers are temporarily suspending their search until January, offering you less competition for open positions. In addition, some companies may decide to make hiring decisions before the New Year rolls in for financial reasons. You may not start your new job during the holiday season, but it is quite possible to receive an offer that could start the next year off right. 

Here are 5 ways to keep your job search active during the holidays: 

1. Set small goals to stay persistent. 

Continue to identify openings, complete applications and follow up.  Stay focused on your goal. If your personal schedule is busier than usual, take the time to set small, discrete goals each week to make sure you remain on track. 

2. Attend as many holiday events as possible. 

Although networking is always an essential part of the job search, it is an especially great idea during the holiday season. Holiday events like professional association parties, neighbourhood parties or other get-togethers can provide the perfect opportunity to expand your network. Do not be afraid to mix business and pleasure. Start informal conversations with people at holiday events, and use that opportunity to ask about extending the conversation through a lunch or formal meeting. 

3. Reach out to your old and new contacts. 

Even if your new (or well-established) networking contacts are not available for more interaction during this season, follow up with a holiday card. While networking intimidates many people, the holiday season allows multiple chances for you to interact on a level where it may feel easier to connect. Use the follow up to provide an update on your family and your job search.

4. Engage in casual conversation.  

Do not underestimate the value of developing your network through casual conversations about the holidays and vacation plans. You may find that some individuals do not feel inclined to talk much about business, and if that happens, pay attention to those cues. Expect to only briefly mention your job search or your strengths at an event like a holiday party, then keep things light. Remember to seek out opportunities to follow up on these conversations so you can talk more later. This approach will help you build contacts without offending anyone at the party. 

5. Find new ways to connect with people, such as through volunteering.  

Not a lot of holiday parties in your future? There are many other ways you could meet people during the holiday season, and meeting new people is a crucial step to expanding your network. Many organisations offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities during the holidays, such as gift drives for local children, gift wrapping for charities or food banks.  

The most important thing to remember during this holiday season is to keep moving forward. No matter how you work to expand your networking contacts or widen your search net, working diligently on your job search as the year comes to a close will help you move even closer to achieving your job-search goals. Happy Holidays – and Happy Networking – from IMPACT Group!


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