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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Millennials

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Millennials

Millennials are the largest growing population in the workforce. As they advance in their career and step into leadership roles, it’s key to understand how to empower and engage them. Below are 5 ways to maximize the potential of this generation of employees:

1. Offer Flexible Work Environments

Flexible working is extremely important to Millennials’ satisfaction, and it can lead to improved organizational performance and employee loyalty. More flexible work environments lead to a higher sense of employee accountability. Those who feel personal responsibility and empowerment tend to stay at their jobs longer, creating a win-win situation.

2. Manage in a Direct Style

Although they’re often cited as being radical and impulsive, Millennials prefer plain, straight-forward language from their managers. Generally, this generation responds better to managers who aim for gradual transformation, instead of sweeping changes.

3. Be Inclusive

Employee satisfaction and retention are both higher in organizations that don’t micromanage or dictate to employees. They especially prefer working in “collaborative” environments, as they tend to believe that individuals should take on as much responsibility as possible regardless of seniority or pay. Structuring your organization in such a way will empower Millennials to be more engaged at work.

4. Provide Stability

Contrary to popular perception, Millennials seek secure, stable work environments. Nearly two-thirds of this generational cohort prefer full-time employment to work as a freelancer or consultant. On average, they actually stay at their jobs longer than Generation X workers when they were the same ages. For example, 12% of Millennials stay in their role for three years compared to 10% of Generation Xers when they were ages 18-30.

5. Offer an Opportunity to Give Back

Millennials want to know that your company is invested in them, and also in helping the world. Seventy-six percent (76%) of them regard companies as a force for positive social impact. Also, being involved in “good causes” helps Millennials feel empowered. Empowered employees are ultimately more engaged, so by giving your employees an opportunity to get involved, you’re encouraging them to be more keyed-in at work.

One in three American workers is a Millennial. Leveraging their potential at all stages in their career ensures a strong succession pipeline for your organization. Explore how you can intentionally cultivate their leadership abilities.


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