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A Tale of Two Ficuses

A Tale of Two Ficuses

Hidden challenges are in every relocation – even those with the best laid plans. Not all of your furniture fits in the U-Haul, your relocation date changes, or your temporary housing unit isn’t as charming in real life as it was online. Cherished family treasures can pose a problem as well.

Recently, one of our customers had a horticultural emergency: a ficus tree he inherited from his deceased mother was struggling after the 1,195-mile journey from Illinois to sunny, hot Florida. In desperate need of a solution, he asked his coach, “Would it be possible to identify tree doctors to help save my beloved ficus?”

I happily took the research request, as I am somewhat of the ficus expert on the research team. During the summer of 2015, I conducted research to help a family move from Georgia to California. One item making the move was a cherished family ficus. You see, the plant is finicky and requires special care during a relocation or it will lose all its leaves. I started researching plant guides, found local experts, and determined regulations for entry into the state of California. In the end, I spoke with a horticulturalist who was an expert at moving plants and our customer was able to save his beloved tree.

Thanks to this earlier research, I knew that my new customer’s ficus was showing signs of trauma from the cross-country relocation. I contacted a local nursery in St. Petersburg, FL and established a relationship with a very competent resource on ficuses. I connected the two with great results. Not only did my client receive advice on caring for his tree the next day, he saved the expense of talking to a specialist.

Yet another ficus that is happy after the move!

Relocation troubles come in many sizes. As a researcher, I love addressing the variety of requests, needs, and concerns our customers have as they embark on their move. One ficus expert, day care center, soccer team, or specialized doctor at a time, we make the move smoother and happier for the families we serve.


Contribution by Kimberly Camp.

Kim is a Research Mentor/Trainer at IMPACT Group. She specializes in business licensing, child care, and education. Connect with her on LinkedIn today.

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