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Celebrating Turkey Day in Turkey!

Celebrating Turkey Day in Turkey!

Working abroad can sound very exciting, but come November 27th some American expats may be second guessing their decision. For many, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season and all that entails — family celebrations, special meals and shared gifts.

While you may not be able to recreate all the elements of the holidays for your overseas employees, there are a few ways to help them celebrate Turkey Day in Turkey (or wherever they may be)!

  • Check out the area’s U.S. Embassy or Consulate Activities Calendar. Frequently, these government agencies are able to source hard to find foods or decorations during the holidays. Use these resources to find out if any festivities are available to the American expat community.
  • Tap into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or other service organizations. With offices across the globe, this organization often plans holiday events for its members and guests. Work with your local or state chamber to find activities that your staff can enjoy!
  • Research local hotels that cater to Westerners. Four- and five-star American hotel chains typically offer seasonal meals during the holidays. Consider having one of these kitchens cater a Thanksgiving meal for your employees.
  • Forge relationships with similar companies hosting expats in the area. Pool resources to plan traditional events for personnel in both organizations. This will also encourage your employees to make connections in their new community.
  • Give your employees coaching support to prepare and deal with emotional concerns. While on the ground events are important morale boosters, sometimes a more personal touch is needed to overcome the loneliness of celebrating the holidays away from home. Acclimation & Integration Support programs prepare employees with information on American events and local suppliers prior to the move, as well as provide emotional support after the initial move is complete.

After finding additional ways to help your employees adjust during Thanksgiving or any other holiday, be sure to share a big “Thank You” for those helping your organization abroad.

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