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Coach Spotlight: Laura Stockman

Coach Spotlight: Laura Stockman
My job is so rewarding. Especially when a family has successfully settled into their new community or a spouse has found a satisfying new position. I have relocated seven times, living in Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Colombia, South America. I know the struggles families face while they are in transition. 

For nearly 10 years, I have served as a Career and Transition Coach at IMPACT Group. Although I have extensive experience assisting individuals in the health care, higher education, performing arts, and nonprofit sectors, I prefer working as a generalist and serving a variety of family integration and career transition needs. I am a Board Certified Coach and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

I believe the key to unlocking a person’s potential is affirming his/her strengths, challenges, interests, and motivations; then supporting the person’s ability to develop and implement a plan to achieve his/her unique goal. My best advice for relocating families is to embrace the change and enjoy the adventure. At the same time, it’s important to stay connected with the people who are important to you, no matter where they are located. 

When I’m not coaching clients, I assist with improving the resources on our online job search portal. I also enjoy creating new materials for coaches to utilize, such as the “Guide for Working with Families with Special Needs.”

My husband and I reside in Missouri but our adult children are Texan through and through. We have loyalty to both states. I love the outdoors, reading, crocheting, the performing arts, and traveling. When I was young, one of my favorite activities was water skiing: slalom, trickster, and jumping. 

Contribution by Laura Stockman.

Laura is a Career/Transition Coach at IMPACT Group. Her expertise includes job search strategies, change management, and interview preparation. She serves as a valuable resource to families integrating into new communities across the U.S.

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