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Coach Spotlight: Lynn Tulip

Coach Spotlight: Lynn Tulip

Lynn Tulip joined IMPACT Group in 2013 as a career consultant and integration coach. She has empowered individuals to succeed during career transitions for many years. Her background includes not-for-profit as well as commerce and finance, where she has delivered outplacement support, career management workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions for professionals at all levels within an organisation. 

“I love the diversity of my client group,” says Lynn. “Working as a career and transition coach, I have the pleasure of getting to know people as they arrive in the UK and are, more often than not, looking for work.” She assists individuals in career exploration, job search strategies and UK culture norms. “I celebrate with my clients when they land a new job, especially when English is their second language.” 

Lynn draws on her own overseas experience living and working in France to help others integrate into a new country. She recalls the challenges she had to face. “I was not fluent in French at the time, and I wonder how different my experience would have been if I had received relocation assistance at the time!” she says. Her best advice for those she helps? “Smile! Ask questions and network as soon as possible!”

“Being a part of IMPACT Group gives me the opportunity to share experiences, learn from my colleagues and continually develop my own coaching skills,” Lynn comments. She values her team’s support and the resources that are available to her clients. “I came late to career coaching, finding myself out of work in my early thirties. After obtaining a university degree, taking career coaching courses and gaining hands-on experience, I have empowered hundreds of clients to find their passion and job satisfaction whilst I pander to mine.” 

Lynn helps people to better understand themselves and discover how they can use their skills to work with their passions. She believes this is the key to unlocking their full potential. The professionals she works with speak highly of her skills.

“Lynn has been a precious resource, particularly in helping me to adapt my CV to the standards of the English market.”
“Lynn’s methodology is very assertive, energetic and organised. Working with Lynn was the best thing in my relocation programme.”
“Lynn has been an excellent consultant and helped on many matters.”

Lynn is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, a member of the CDI and qualified to administer level A & B psychometric tools to support career transition when appropriate. She is a competent career practitioner and holds a PgDip in Guidance and Assessment. She is also the author of two recently published books, Get That Job and Can’t Get That Job.

When she is not working, Lynn can be found at an early morning workout session or yoga class or collecting two of her four grandchildren from school. If she is really lucky, she can be found playing her favourite sport, tennis.


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