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Coach Spotlight: Muna Alyusuf

Coach Spotlight: Muna Alyusuf Muna Alyusuf has had exposure to cross-culture relations from a young age. “For someone who comes from a very small town on the Arabian Gulf Coast, I belong to an interesting intercultural family. You could call us global nomads!” Her uncles married spouses from the U.S. and France. Her cousins married Belgian, Japanese, and German nationals. And her sisters live in the UK, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. All of this exposure to different cultures across the world prepared her for a future career in global career coaching. 

As a Career and Transition Coach based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Muna assists individuals as they undergo professional and personal changes during global relocations. She has coached senior managers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on improving their intercultural communications skills and competencies.
“When people feel creative, capable, and whole, they are ready to unlock their full potential,” comments Muna. “I encourage my clients to take the lead in their journey – and to have a sense of humour!” Muna believes an individual must be open and honest in expressing their feelings to make the transition as smooth as possible. “International relocations and job searches are a stressful time. I remind clients to address their frustrations without pointing fingers. It is important to be open to the experience and remain positive.” 

Muna is a certified Organisational Relationship System and Qualified Co-Active Coach. She also serves as an international candidate and employee assessment practitioner. Beginning her career in the oil industry, Muna worked with senior executives as a health, education, and intercultural training consultant before commencing her career as a relationship coach and career coach. She transitioned to CARTUS, serving as a Europe, Middle East, and Africa Intercultural Training Manager and Consultant. She provided training on international candidate assessments, career and repatriation strategies, and intercultural coaching. Muna holds a master’s degree in Sociology and a Master of Business Administration. She is a Certified Organisational Relationship System Coach and an MBTI Certified Practitioner.

It brings Muna great joy to help families through difficult transitions and relocations. Her personal strengths of empowerment, empathy, organisation, resourcefulness, and reliability ensure her clients have the support they need to succeed – no matter where in the world their relocation takes them.

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