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Coach Spotlight: Nathalie Tanner

Coach Spotlight: Nathalie Tanner

Nathalie Tanner lives in a country famous for its cows, banks and chocolate! She lives 20 minutes from Geneva, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Nathalie has been with IMPACT Group since 2005 and serves as the global EMEA Regional Team Lead. She is a Certified Career Coach and International Relocation Consultant with more than 11 years of experience in career assistance/development and transition. “With dual Swiss and British citizenship, I have been a part of both the local and expatriate community from a young age,” says Nathalie. “Drawing from my experience as an expatriate, I am able to assist people in managing the many challenges associated with international relocation.”

Since joining IMPACT Group, Nathlalie has fulfilled roles as a Geneva-based Regional Team Leader for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region; Transition Service Advisor; and Career and Transition Consultant. In these capacities, she excelled at providing efficient training and development analysis, guiding professionals to identify their skills and competencies and conducting career and personal assessments. Additionally, her broad background in the recruiting field encompasses training support, facilitation of assessment and development centres and recruitment management. She is an Associate Certified Career Coach with the Career Coach Institute and is fluent in French and English.

Make time for family. Discuss the exciting new things you can do in the new place!

With a passion for coaching, Nathalie seeks to motivate and build rapport with relocating employees and their families. “I offer guidance through the coaching process, helping them during each phase of the move and with milestone completion,” she says. She sees the key to unlocking a person’s potential as being able to take responsibility and believe in yourself!

Nathalie feels friends and family are important. She and her family especially love going to amusement parks and on holiday to the beach. Her best advice for someone who is relocating globally is to keep in close contact with family and friends back home. She also believes it is important to have regular family meetings and keep to a regular routine as much as possible once the move is complete. “Make time to discuss the exciting new things you can do in the new place,” says Nathalie. Creating excitement about your new adventure and making new family memories will help to create a successful expat experience.


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