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Coach Spotlight: Rob Meyers

Coach Spotlight: Rob Meyers

No career is too challenging for Rob Meyers. As a Career Management Fellow (CMF) and Board Certified Coach (BCC), he has offered effective career guidance – and much needed humor – for outplacement and leadership development participants since 2007. “I love the challenge of providing sound advice during this time in our history when there is so much ‘noise’ and information at our fingertips,” Rob shares.

Rob supports professionals with finding great careers and building their leadership competencies. He enjoys a good challenge and notes difficult cases are his specialty. For example, Rob is familiar with the challenges of paving a new path and exploring entrepreneurship from growing up in a family-owned business. He helps people who aspire to open their own business to set realistic goals and do their homework. Certified in multiple career assessments, such as the MBTI, Strong, and Life Options Profile, Rob also excels at guiding professionals as they explore new corporate career options.

When guiding participants after a job loss, Rob uses his subtle humor to turn the situation around. “My best advice for people is to cheer up. It will get better! Misery loves company, but no company loves the miserable.” Rob believes that individuals must first understand their own self-perceptions before they can unlock their full potential. Once those perceptions are recognized, he can better coach the professional to build on their strengths and manage areas they want to develop.

Rob calls Indianapolis, IN home. He relocated to San Francisco, CA, early in his career, then later returned to the Midwest. He holds a B.S. in Marketing in addition to his coaching certifications. He also holds a Distinguished Toastmasters designation. An avid music junkie, his collection includes more than 1,5000 albums. When he’s not putting a record on, you can find him hiking, reading, playing sports, or snapping photos.


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