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Coach Spotlight: Sonia Cerezo

Coach Spotlight: Sonia Cerezo

It is encouraging to see clients flourish and bloom throughout our time together. I feel honored to share in their professional and personal journey.

As a Career & Global Transition Coach, I work with professionals from every continent and in a variety of fields – from graphic artists to architects to entrepreneurs. The key to unlocking a person’s potential is helping them truly see themselves, including all their strengths, qualities, and virtues. Guiding clients to look past their misconceptions of who they think they are is one of my specialties.

As I tell my clients who are relocating, life always has its ups and downs. You will not have all the answers, but you will have what it takes to get through this situation.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in Fashion Design. My career started at a retail company that unfortunately went bankrupt, which led to me being recruited for an HR role at a construction company. When that organization went out of business, I was in the job market once again. This time I was recruited as a Spanish-speaking Career Coach at a relocation company (Sally White & Associates, which was acquired by IMPACT Group in 2014).

This unconventional career route led to my love for helping people in similar job loss situations. It also inspired me to obtain a certificate as a Career Coach and designation through the International Coach Federation (ICF). My passion for helping job seekers extends beyond my office hours, as I enjoy speaking and leading workshops for underemployed or unemployed professionals at my church.

My parents met and married in Chicago, even though neither of them are from the States. My father was born in Mexico City and my mother is from Colombia. I grew up speaking Spanish and English. This fostered my love for languages, as I took French and German in school. After growing up in Chicago and Mexico City, I settled in Dallas. I recently acquired a new hobby of growing fruit trees from seeds. I am currently growing avocados, lemons, mangoes, and cherries. The process of nurturing these plants and giving away the fruit as gifts brings me joy.


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