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Coach Spotlight: Sue Ellison

Coach Spotlight: Sue Ellison

Each person is unique with his/her own personality, qualities, and needs. I love building relationships with new clients because their relocation experiences are all so different.

For six years, I have served as a Career and Transition Coach, supporting job seekers and families during corporate relocations. I specialize in the mental health, special needs, and education sectors, but I enjoy working with a variety of clients. I especially like when I get to celebrate their successes with them! My best advice is to take baby steps during the transition. I remind clients they don’t need to be superman or superwoman. It’s best to take things gradually, accomplish one thing a day, and accept help when you need it.

You don’t need to be superman or superwoman! Accomplish one thing a day, and accept help when you need it.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and hold an MA in Professional Counseling. This background has taught me that people need to believe in themselves in order to unlock their potential. So often, people have talents they have hidden or don’t utilize because of previous failures or negative self-talk. I encourage them to be open to new opportunities – which many of them are embracing just by relocating – and amazing things can happen!

In addition to career coaching, I serve on the Employee Activities Committee and mentor fellow coaches. I am a Missouri native, raised in Jefferson City and now settled with my family in Ballwin. I traveled extensively across Russia with one of my previous employers. Outside of the office, I work out regularly and started kickboxing three years ago. I eventually became a kickboxing instructor. I might not always like the workout, but I always feel so much better after!

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