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Common Fears when Moving Abroad and Tips to Overcome Them


Trying new things can be really exciting! But change is also a little scary. You may find yourself with the opportunity of a lifetime – the option to relocate to a new country. The chance to experience a new culture and make new friends can be life-changing, hopefully, for the better. Below are a few tips on alleviating common fears and making the adventure as positive as possible!

1. Finances

Not only will the move cost you money, you may also be worried about meeting your financial needs while living or working in a different country. Research the cost of living before you move and try to plan ahead financially as best you can. Creating a budget to follow during and after the move will help to make you feel more in control of your finances and perhaps ease that anxiety.


2. Language/Culture

Not knowing how to communicate with the people around you can be quite an intimidating thought. This is a completely normal way to feel. Start by learning the language before you move. You do not have to be fluent, but getting a few basic phrases down, such as how to ask about everyday life occurrences, will make you feel much more at ease. There are many apps for your smartphone and tablet that will help make language learning easier.


3. Loneliness/Homesickness

Without a doubt, moving to a different country is going to affect your relationships. You will likely long for things and people from home. And you may find making friends in a different culture is difficult. Take advantage of expat groups and social media platforms to make new connections as well as keep your old relationships strong. Read our article on homesickness for more tips on dealing with feelings of loneliness and missing out.

4. Safety

There is some level of danger no matter where you live. Many people are more anxious, however, when faced with the thought of living in an unfamiliar place. One way to alleviate your concerns is to learn all that you can about the country – including emergency phone numbers, any country-specific health alerts or common natural disasters – to start preparing before you move.

5. Failure

Unfortunately, failure is a part of life. No matter what your reasons are for accepting a global relocation, there is some element of overall risk. Go into the move knowing that things will simply be different if your new country. Acknowledge that sometimes things are less than perfect. Look at your relocation as a time to grow and learn. Use the more difficult times as a learning experience. You will ultimately be richer for it.

All of the situations that make you feel anxious about moving can be greatly lessened by some careful planning. IMPACT Group has inspiring tools and resources to help you adjust to life in a new country, from advice from your personal coach to a social network to start making contacts before you move. In all of these instances, knowledge is power! Let your coach equip you with the information you need to have a successful, stress-free global relocation experience.


Contribution by Jill Jassmann-Sharlock.

Jill is an IMPACT Group Global Research Specialist who focuses on the unique information needs of global transferees. She also serves as IMPACT Group's Global myIMPACT Specialist, managing content for our global client-facing website.


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