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Downsizing Notification Checklist for Managers

Downsizing Notification Checklist for Managers

“You want me to do what?”

This might be the first thought in the notifying manager’s mind when you inform them one of their team members will be laid off. A layoff planning checklist will put them at ease.

Ensure they lead a successful notification discussion that treats employees with dignity and respect, minimizes trauma to your remaining workforce and reduces the likelihood of litigation. From when to hold the meeting to what not to say, this checklist covers key areas that will make the notification process easier on everyone involved. Ensure managers have the support they need during this difficult time. Download the Layoff Planning Checklist for Managers now.

Get a copy of your free layoff planning checklist to start preparing managers. 


Layoff Meetings Done Right

Behind every successful outplacement strategy is a focus on two key areas: exiting employees and remaining staff. This provides everyone with greater peace of mind and a clear path forward.

With IMPACT Group’s training, your HR team and managers will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and language they need to deliver a clear, compassionate message. The right training and support can reduce the negative effect a layoff has on your culture and productivity. Learn more about our Manager Notification Training program here.

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