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Easy Checklist to Face the Unknown with Confidence

Easy Checklist to Face the Unknown with Confidence

Shoulders hunched, face peaky, stomach heaving… the fears, stresses, and anxieties of my participant showed in her body language as the news of her double move (new job and new location) tumbled out of her mouth. Whilst excited in part, the fear of the unknown was making her mind and thoughts spiral out of control. They were also keeping her awake at night. As she thought about the future, what started as stimulating anticipation of what may be, became a dreaded unknown filled with goblins and gremlins.

Many people become frozen in the void. Fear can come from a genuine bad experience or the dread of a worst-case scenario becoming reality. However, more often than not, it is from not knowing what to expect – a lack of information or preparation.

There is one very simple, easy way to deal with the unknown and subsequently receive confidence and peace: Take action in the unknown to make the unknown known.

Use this checklist to help you work through your fears and find confidence:

  1. First, make a list of all of your concerns, both big and small.

  2. Starting at the top, ask yourself which of these is bothering you most. It may not be what you initially think.

  3. When identified, ask yourself: “What action do I need to take to alleviate this concern?” There may be more than one. For example: Do you need to pick up the phone and speak to someone rather than wait for an email response? Can you prepare a list of questions or topics so there is never an embarrassing silence during conversations? Should you do some research?

  4. Then, repeat the process with your next concern.

  5. Now, start completing those actions and create small goals for yourself. Give yourself actual dates and deadlines.

  6. When you have taken some of the actions needed, stop and reflect on how you feel. Do you feel more confident and at peace? If the answer is no, what is missing? Adjust your list of actions accordingly.

  7. Repeat the process until you are confident and fully prepared.

In the midst of major life changes, fear can give you low confidence in yourself, your abilities, your relationships, or your decisions. Remember to take action in the unknown to make the unknown known.

Contribution by Jenny Butter

Jenny is a Global Career/Transition Coach at IMPACT Group. She supports employees, spouses/partners, and their families as they relocate to the UK. Jenny provides expert coaching on navigating change, settling into a new city, and thriving during the process.

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