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Easy Ways to Connect during the Holidays – Even as an Introvert!

Easy Ways to Connect during the Holidays – Even as an Introvert!

The holiday season is here. You may find yourself in a new country without the family and friends you normally surround yourself with during holiday dinners and events. Getting out to meet new people can be a challenge for all personality types – even if you are outgoing – but it is especially hard if you are an introvert. Below are tips to make the process a little easier.

Now is a good time to connect with expat groups in your area.

You may find groups with people from your home country or just general expat groups with members from various countries. You can connect with expat group members online first to get to know a little about them before meeting in person. If you already know something about them, it will relieve some of the anxiety of meeting face-to-face.

With all the holidays in December, expat groups will likely have events scheduled throughout the month. Many expat groups put together dinners or celebrations that are traditional to their home countries. Attending these events can provide you with support and encouragement as you spend your first holiday season away from your home.

If you feel ready to meet people face-to-face, use a resource like to locate interest groups near you.

Finding a group of people who share similar interests can make socialising much easier. There are groups for all hobbies, such as reading, crafts, sports, board games, etc. Talking about your shared hobby is a great way to break the ice and get to know one another.

Volunteer your time.

Giving your time and effort to help others is a great way to honour the holiday season and may be an easy way to meet others. When you have a job to do with fellow volunteers, the personal connections will come more naturally. And your shared interest in serving others provides you with plenty of things to talk about while you work side-by-side.

Keep in mind that you are very likely going to make social mistakes as an expat since you are experiencing a new culture with new traditions. You will find that most natives appreciate it when expats try to learn their culture. They may be interested in learning more about your country’s traditions too, so do not be afraid to share with them. No matter what your personality type is, find ways to get out of your comfort zone and celebrate all the exciting things the holiday season has to offer in your new country!


Contribution by Jill Jassmann-Sharlock.

Jill is an IMPACT Group Global Research and Projects Team Lead who focuses on the unique information needs of global transferees. She also serves as IMPACT Group’s Global myIMPACT Specialist, managing content for our global job search and career portal.

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