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Employee Layoffs: 15 Best Practices for Managing Layoffs

Employee Layoffs: 15 Best Practices for Managing Layoffs

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Employee layoffs require careful consideration around who will deliver the news, how the news will be shared, and what should and shouldn’t be discussed.

When emotions are high and stress is at a max, you might feel frantic when determining your communication plan and how you’ll respond to tough questions. You may wonder, “What if the person gets upset? What reason should I give for the layoff?” Developing a solid communication plan for your employee layoffs needs to be at the top of your to-do list. 

These 15 expert tips will help you lead the discussions with confidence. 

Discover how to share the employee layoff news with your key audiences, which may include:

During employee layoffs, the more accurately and clearly you deliver the news, the easier it will be. This is a key factor in people seeing your company’s future vision in the wake of business disruption.

Educate yourself to deliver the employee layoff message with compassion and sensitivity. From separated employees to remaining staff members to clients, IMPACT Group will teach you how to share the news with compassion and sensitivity. Utilize these 15 best practices to create a solid communication strategy today.

Best Practice #1: Be Prepared 

It takes time and thought to prepare for employee layoffs. HR professionals create the plan and sometimes leverage assistance from outplacement firms, such as IMPACT Group. Discover three key areas your HR team should address during these conversations. 

Best Practice #2: Be Timely 

Disperse the news quickly by coordinating timing with your management team. In this guide, you’ll learn how to coordinate the conversations to minimize stress for separated employees and remaining employees alike. 

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