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Love+Relo Interview: Human-Centered Employee Relocation

On this episode of Love + Relo, Ben Cross interviews IMPACT Group’s CEO Lauren Herring to discuss human-centered employee relocation. Best-in-class companies are including spouse/partner support in their relocation policies. At merely 2% of the total relocation cost, these services increase relocation success and reduce relocation failure rates. 

In Lauren’s words, “IMPACT Group isn’t moving people or boxes. We help individuals move their lives and careers across the globe.” 

Watch this interview to discover how to leverage mobility as a career accelerator during employee relocation. 

Contribution by Lauren Herring

Lauren Herring is the CEO of IMPACT Group. She propelled the company into a global career development leader. As a second-generation female business owner, Lauren is uniquely positioned to help future women leaders succeed. She is passionate about building a better world and helping people reach their career goals. Lauren serves on various boards like Boy Scouts, Washington University’s Women’s Leadership Forum, Connections to Success which helps people in the cycle of poverty gain economic independence and St. Louis Regional Chamber, which supports the economic growth of the St. Louis community.

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