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New Era of Employee Training is Here

New Era of Employee Training is Here

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Employee training expenses for large companies exceeded $17 million in 2019.1 With that price tag comes amazing returns for the business and the talent being developed – if it’s provided in a way that maximizes growth instead of checking a box.

Employees today crave development opportunities. If training and development is treated as something you offer when there’s time and money left over, your organization may be missing out on attracting key talent or motivating your current stars to stay. Research shows that 52% of Millennials are compelled to work for organizations that offer opportunities for career progression. Thirty-five percent (35%) of Millennials are interested in an organization if they provide excellent employee training programs.2

And the real kicker – 94% of employees state they would stay at a company longer if the organization invested in helping them learn.3 

This infographic dives into the changing landscape of corporate training in 2021. While employee training interests vary by age group, management and leadership training ranks #1 in the eyes of your talent.

Discover the topics that are consumed the most by employees and the delivery methods that produce the highest ROI for employee training.

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