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Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Anita Does

Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Anita Does

For eighteen and a half years, Anita Cole has worked closely with families during times of transition as a Senior Consultant for Career and Family needs. She lends an attentive and supportive ear to help individuals successfully navigate their corporate relocation while riding the ups and downs of moving across the country. Utilizing strong communication skills and a client-centered approach to coaching, Anita’s expertise and guidance helps job seekers feel at ease during their transition.

“I help my clients unlock their potential by listening to their story. Then, I determine if coaching on job search guidance, goal-setting, or resources is needed,” Anita said. “I understand that each story and situation is unique.” The vast amount of expertise and resources she’s soaked up over the years isn’t only for the clients she serves. “Anita is a wealth of information,” said Sue Ellison, a fellow Relocation Consultant. “She is a great go-to person for suggestions or to brainstorm possible solutions.” Anita places a strong focus on delivering high-quality service and makes herself available to collaborate with team members to uphold a culture of excellence.

“Anita quickly responded to requests for information about the new area” and was “very compassionate and understanding,” said one relocating spouse. Anita’s passion for helping others started early. Her career began in counseling, as she holds an MSW and a BS in Psychology. She is known around the office as a gentle, soft-spoken, and gracious person whose laughter and sense of humor brighten the day of those around her. A career focused on addressing the needs of others is an ideal fit for her.

Growing up, Anita bounced from wanting to be a dancer, a teacher, and an artist. She has used her creativity to help with special initiatives around IMPACT Group, such as preparing beautiful gift tags for the Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family Program at Christmas time. Anita is a Missouri native, and she recently ran her first 5k with her niece. They went neck and neck with a team of cross-country runners before coming in second place. “They paced us until the end and then blew past us. It was all in fun and both teams had a lot of fun.”

Contribution by Ashlee Ayers.

Ashlee is an IMPACT Group Marketing Content Manager who oversees content planning, develops marketing collateral, and shares IMPACT Group’s story each day. 

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