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Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Clare does

Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Clare does

Clare Somers joined IMPACT Group in 2009 as a Career and Family Coach. An experienced Intercultural Trainer, Clare thrives on the professional challenge of enabling people to successfully live and work in a new culture. 

“The key to unlocking a person’s potential is taking a holistic approach, which encompasses life stage, values, strengths, skills and personality preferences,” Clare comments. “When working with people who have left their home culture, it is important to focus on cultural competencies and preferences.”

Clare conducts a Pre-Departure Assessment and delivers Cross-Cultural and Repatriation Programs to senior executives of multi-national companies. She helps spouses/partners prepare for the challenges and rewards of an international assignment. “I provide a broad spectrum of career resources for clients. From group workshops to individual coaching, I enjoy equipping individuals with the cultural competencies they need to thrive in a new country.”

In addition to her global experience, Clare is accredited to administer the MBTI and is a member of the Career Development Institute and The National Institute for Career Education and Counseling. While living in Australia, Clare ran a Career Consultancy business in Melbourne, specializing in Corporate Career Management, One-on-One Career Coaching and Outplacement Services.

Clare has many life experiences to support her holistic approach to global relocation. She grew up in Australia and has called London home since 2007. Clare has travelled widely. She regularly spends time in Portugal, where her husband’s family resides. Her experiences have left her with a close working knowledge of British, Portuguese and Australian culture, as well as an understanding of the particular challenges of moving with children. 

Clients have experienced the positive impact of Clare’s holistic approach to relocation, stating:

“I found Clare to be responsive, proactive, empathetic, and a good listener. She made me feel welcome here and supported.”

“Clare was a delight to work with. She has a very kind demeanour. She really listens to you and offers relevant advice.”

“Clare followed through with exactly the aims that we had agreed at the beginning of the consultation. I certainly valued her assistance.”

“I remind clients to be open to learning about the new culture they’re in. But it doesn’t have to stop them from being who they are,” Clare advises. “I want them to recognise it can be a life changing experience for all members of a family. It requires rising to challenges that they don’t normally face when living in a culture they are very familiar with.” Clare enjoys hearing her client’s life stories and being a part of their journey. It brings her great satisfaction when a family successfully negotiates a global relocation. 

Contribution by Jill Jassmann-Sharlock.

Jill is an IMPACT Group Global Research and Projects Team Lead who focuses on the unique information needs of global transferees. She also serves as IMPACT Group’s Global myIMPACT Specialist, managing content for our global job search and career portal.

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