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Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Fabienne does

Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Fabienne does

“My family and I are Asia addicts!” says Fabienne Hansoul, a Career and Transition Coach for IMPACT Group. “We love the vibe in Asia and the atmosphere on the streets…it is the city that never sleeps! We take every opportunity we can to travel around Asia. Exploring the area and mingling with the Asian population is something we love. Fortunately, our two girls (Lise-Yoko and Rose) love travelling too!” 

Her first move to Asia was not as positive though. Fabienne, who speaks French, English, and some Dutch and Mandarin, is originally from Belgium. She started her career in Europe before moving to Japan with her husband in 2005. The difficulties she faced while transferring her life experience and background into a totally different culture led to her passion for assisting others in the same situation. Fabienne’s professional experience, together with her life abroad as an expatriate in Japan, the Czech Republic, and China, led her to become a certified coach. Since then she has coached expatriates, both transferring employees and their spouses/partners, to help them make the most of their lives abroad.

To date, Fabienne has lived and worked in five countries: Belgium, France, Japan, Czech Republic, and China. She is relocating to Thailand this summer. She has gained significant experience in Human Resources over the years, servicing both multinational and small- to medium-sized corporations while working in recruiting, talent management, career planning, outplacement, and competence management. Fabienne holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and an MBA from Brussels University. She has certifications in Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), levels I & II and Cultural Orientations Framework assessments (COF of Rosinski Cie).

Since her rocky integration into an Asian culture, Fabienne has focused on coaching individuals with transition and integration concerns – a subject that is important to her based on her own experiences. Her passions include coaching on cross-cultural issues, providing leadership development, and helping women go back to work. 

A fervent believer that group work is essential to change, she regularly holds group workshops using effective self-coaching techniques. She helps others estimate and value their unique talents, and she encourages them to take action in order to achieve their most meaningful projects. “The key to unlocking a person’s potential is encouraging them to have a heightened sense of awareness of their key assets and believe in their own talent,” says Fabienne. “That talent is a precious gift.”

Her experience, attention to detail, and concern for her global clients is evident in her work. Clients comment:

“Fabienne is an effective communicator who was very good at keeping me motivated!”

I received good input from Fabienne!”

Fabienne is committed to guiding individuals through their integration journey to make the process as easy as possible for the entire family. “Give yourself time to understand, to feel, and to live in your new environment,” she tells her clients. “Then set your intentions to get the most out of your expat life.” She believes that goal setting is an important tool to successful transition. She wants her clients to “dare to dream with a bit of realism” and make the process fun. And she is excited to help them every step of the way!

Contribution by Jill Jassmann-Sharlock.

Jill is an IMPACT Group Global Research and Projects Team Lead who focuses on the unique information needs of global transferees. She also serves as IMPACT Group’s Global myIMPACT Specialist, managing content for our global job search and career portal.

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