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Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Jean does

Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Jean does

Jean Renouil joined IMPACT Group in 2015 as a Global Career and Transition Coach. She brings expertise in the fields of second language acquisition, international relocation and cross-cultural communication. A strong believer that small steps lead to great change, she provides client-centered career and transition coaching with an emphasis on network building and job search best practices.

“This role is a perfect fit for me as it combines my passion for communication with my strengths in helping others make positive changes. I feel fortunate to work with interesting and talented individuals from literally all across the globe,” says Jean. “I assist people who are moving to the US from a variety of countries, but I tend to specialise in those relocating from French-speaking countries as my language and personal background make this an especially good fit.”

Growing up, Jean developed a love for the outdoors while backpacking with her family in Northern California. This passion has not only allowed her to find interesting places and meet new people, but it has also opened up doors for her professionally.

In 2004, after an early career as a retail executive in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jean and her husband followed a long-held dream to move their young family from California to France to be closer to her husband’s family in Bordeaux. “We wanted our three sons to experience life in Europe and fully immerse in the French language.” Upon arriving in Lyon, Jean used her interest in the outdoors to help the family with the transition. “Soon after arriving, I met a local hiker and through her, I discovered all sorts of hidden trails and remote castles in the hills of Lyon,” Jean comments. “Later I was able to share these discoveries with my family, which helped us settle into our new area.”

A subsequent international transfer led to another move for the family when they relocated to Belgium. Jean quickly became involved in an international scouting community there, where she organised hikes and campouts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. She later worked as a translator and school counselor for a French speaking secondary school located outside of Brussels. “When interviewing for that job, my background working with youth in the outdoors was especially valuable as the school was very supportive of outdoor education. I quickly became involved as a leader in the school’s Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program, through which I was able to accompany students on backpacking trips in the Vosges Mountains in France as well as in the Ardennes in Belgium.”

In 2014, Jean and her family moved back to the US and settled in Cincinnati where she is now located. She knows from her own relocations that building a new network and developing a new circle of friends can take time. “When working with clients, I encourage them to follow their interests and passions as a way to engage in the local community, build connections, gain confidence and pursue new professional and personal opportunities.”

Jean has lived on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S. in addition to Bordeaux and Lyon, France, and Brussels, Belgium. She holds a B.A. in French and Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jean Renouil is a Bilingual Career/Integration Coach at IMPACT Group. Her expertise includes second language acquisition, professional business correspondence and cross-cultural communication. Connect with Jean on LinkedIn today.

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