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Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Sue does

Empowering people, unlocking potential…it’s what Sue does

Stress is inevitable during relocation. My job is to alleviate that stress for the employee and the family while they settle into their new area. I make sure they know they are not alone during the process!

I have served as a Career/Integration Coach for 21 years at IMPACT Group. I hold a master’s degree in social work and counseling, and I am a Board Certified Coach. I originally wanted to focus on career counseling in a college setting to help college students make informed decisions about their careers. After completing my master’s degree, I found that coaching at IMPACT Group was an ideal blend of my personal and career counseling backgrounds.

The key to unlocking a person’s potential is starting where the individual is at, helping them map out where they want to go, and guiding them throughout the journey. From completing an initial assessment to coaching clients on negotiating the offer, I am honored to be there every step of the way to help them reach their end goal. My specialties include the healthcare, IT, and education industries. I enjoy collaborating with clients to craft targeted résumés and cover letters to get them noticed faster during their job search.

You never know where you next opportunity will come from. My clients come from all walks of life. I want them to feel comfortable searching for new job opportunities in all areas of their life. I tell them to not discount any method – whether it be reviewing classified ads, applying for openings online, networking at church and with neighbors, or joining alumni associations.

One opportunity that I took on and love is training and mentoring new coaches. My advice to new career coaches is to be a continuous learner and to consider any and all possibilities when coaching someone through a job search.

Northeastern Pennsylvania served as my backdrop growing up. I attended graduate school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before living in St. Louis for seven years. I later returned to my home state, and I now live near Philadelphia with my son, who happens to be the cutest seven-year-old boy in the world! You can describe me as an Anglophile – I love British comedy, food, tea, and the royal family. I love to cook as well. I make the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted.

Sue Wegrzyn is a Career/Integration Coach at IMPACT Group. Her expertise includes career management, job search strategies, career assessments, and employee training. Connect with Sue on LinkedIn today.

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