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Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Tracy Does

Empowering People, Unlocking Potential…It’s What Tracy Does

I consider myself a global nomad, having lived in eight countries and moved 17 times. This makes my role as the Director of Global Client Services at IMPACT Group a perfect fit. I am passionate about helping people successfully transition during global relocations.

As a Certified Career Coach, I love listening to my clients’ stories, hearing about their goals, and helping them overcome the struggles of moving into a new phase of their life after an international move. I obtained a master’s degree in social science because I wanted to help individuals be more mindful of their career aspirations and aware of setting long-term goals. This background serves me well while helping people unlock their potential during a major life change.

When families move, everything is usually done in a rush. My best advice is to take the time to say goodbye well. Grieve the losses and allow yourself to hold on to memories from that chapter of your life. This will help you embrace your new location to the fullest. And then I recommend learning the local language! While every new experience will have wonderful moments and unpleasant moments, it’s the people, friends, and home you create that makes all the difference.

I was born in New Jersey and moved to Lyon, France, when I was three years old. My parents put my siblings and me in the French school system, and I learned French fluently within nine months. Very quickly I felt more French than American. Since then, I have lived in Germany, Mauritania, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, and Canada. I am bilingual in French and English, with additional language skills in German, Croatian, and Spanish. Now I reside in France with my family.

Outside of work, I am very involved in Women Trafficking Help Groups. I created a fundraising group six years ago that continues to raise funds for the local area, and we raise over €35,000 at each event. My husband and I completed the IRONMAN Austria-Kärnten at the end of June. My time was 15 hours and 28 minutes…the longest day of perseverance ever! Training for the event was humbling. I had great long rides and runs, and I had just as many discouraging long rides and runs. I learned that sometimes you have to modify your goal instead of giving up on it. It was on my bucket list and my family was super encouraging, for which I am truly thankful. I am over the moon happy it is behind me!

Tracy Stuart Kautzmann is the Director, Global Client Services at IMPACT Group. She plays an instrumental role in managing and training a network of international career coaches across the globe. Her expertise includes strategic planning, change management, and career coaching. Connect with Tracy on LinkedIn today.

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